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Grand Master J. Cariati, IX Dan

Grand Master Cariati's Story

Grand Master Cariati is a 9th degree black belt who has been training since 1972. He traveled the world with the late General Choi, the founder of taekwon-do to gain greater insight, knowledge and understanding of this martial art.

Grand Master Cariati is a gifted instructor, able to teach, demonstrate and motivate his students.
Over the years he has produced exceptional students who have had the honour of competing
and medalling in many national and international events, including World and Junior World Championships.

Grand Master Cariati has dedicated his life to the continued learning and the teaching of taekwon-do. He continues to travel the world teaching taekwon-do as he did with the founder. Last year he was invited to teach in Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Grand Master Cariati continues to inspire students not only in his own club, but also worldwide.

Grand Master Cariati is very proud of his accomplishments. His drive to promote the art of taekwon-do has led him to become a leader in Canada as Head Instructor and President of one of Canada's most successful taekwon-do schools. He is also currently president of the ICTF.