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A new student writes to Master Cariati, October 2010

To anyone that is every thinking about getting back into to shape, there is nothing further to search for. If you are a mature person like myself you have come
to the right spot. Woodbridge Taekwondo has a simple program that is tailored
to you. Be it age, endurance, knowledge of the martial arts or not. You will find
the instructors moving you along at your pace. In 5 short weeks I have lost 15 lbs and I feel great! I have also met a supportive network of instructors and students. The environment is open to suggestions and involvement is always encouraged. Even though this adventure has been short, I see myself staying for quite a while. The future for me has begun and an exciting change in improving my quality of life is here. To anyone else interested in pursuing a change for the better, please stop by. We look forward to seeing you.


Phil Cicchirillo
(new Woodbridge Taekwon-Do student)

ICTF in Nova Scotia

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Email from Robin Ford, V Dan

It has been a year now since I joined the ICTF and I'd like to say a thank you to Master Cariati and the entire ICTF.

My story I guess is the same as a lot of Taekwondo practitioners/instructors who have been
let down by their instructors and associations. Paying out money and getting little or nothing back again. The final straw for me was being told to grade myself when I felt like I was ready. I went ten years with no instruction or guidance after losing all faith in associations and governing bodies. I decided to join the ICTF because of the close links between some of the Masters and General Choi and because they weren't based in my country. From the very first communication with Master Cariati things were positive. The joining process was effortless and Master Cariati always replied to my emails, promptly answering my many questions. I met Master Cariati for the first time last November at a seminar here in the UK. I was so impressed with his technical knowledge and understanding of my situation that in February I travelled from England to Toronto to spend a week training at his school to learn as much as possible. Since I have joined the ICTF I have experienced a sense of belonging, professionalism and camaraderie that was definitely missing from my previous Taekwon-Do connections.

I came close to giving up Taekwon-Do for good and it took me to look three and a half thousand miles away to find answers and a place where I feel I belong. Master Cariati and the ICTF have given my Taekwon-Do a new lease of life and I'm eternally grateful.


Robin Ford V Dan
Lone Wolf Taekwon-Do

Referee Course/Technical Seminar, Vaughan ON, Saturday April 3rd.

To sum up the "Referee Course/Technical Seminar" in one word……Outstanding!

Mr. LeBlanc and I arrived from Nova Scotia and were treated to a day of unsurpassed technical knowledge coupled with superb instruction. In the "Technical Seminar" we were amazed to experience the Grand Master and Masters interact with all levels of students, imparting their technical expertise through demonstration and dialogue. As usual with the ICTF, there was an extremely friendly, open and enjoyable atmosphere enabling students to freely ask questions of the seniors and to have fun learning. Regarding the "Referee Course", Master Stanley provided an excellent curriculum, comprised of a valuable training/resource manual including DVD, visual aids and physical interaction. The ICTF atmosphere was very apparent here as well, allowing students to enter into open discussion, so all in attendance were given a clear understanding of the rules and procedures.

Sirs, once again the ICTF has proven itself to be heads above the others. Prior to joining the ICTF, Mr. LeBlanc and I had never experienced the support, openness and the welcome and willingness of its members, including Grand Master, Master and Instructor, to help one another. This is truly an organization built on teaching the moral and social values of Taekwon-Do. We look forward to participating in more ICTF events and encourage others to experience what we have over the last few months.

On a personal note I'd like to thank Mrs. Siri Thompson, VI Dan, who spent time with me fine tuning my patterns, thank you Ma'am your time was greatly appreciated.

Mr. Bill Stoerig, V Dan (Fall River Taekwon-Do)
Mr. Rob LeBlanc III Dan (Fall River Taekwon-Do)

Seminar in Nova Scotia - January 2010

Dear Master Cariati

I am just writing to say thank you very much for training with us here in chilly Nova Scotia last weekend. It was indeed a privilege to have met you and your class was both informative and relaxed in your teaching style. I wanted also to acknowlege the fact that you have a very loyal student in Mr. Stoerig whom I am privileged to train under. It was over a year ago that I decided to follow Mr. Stoerig and leave Mackenzie TKD. He was my very favorite instructor there and I was thrilled when he decided to open his own school. Our students are very close and that is because of the values we learn each and every week. Mr. Stoerig is a very humble person as you probably are already aware so I was so happy that you talked about him last week as he would never talk about himself. He is what TKD is in every respect.. I hope you come back and visit us again, although we understand you and your expertise are in demand and for good reason. We hope to be able to reconnect with you at a out of province tournament.. Until then just now how very much we appreciate you and what you stand for. It was inspiring for all of us.

Best Regards
Nancy Johnston
Fall River Taekwon-Do

Training and Grading with Master Cariati

Dear Master Cariati,

It's with the deepest respect and gratitude that we send this note. From the very first communications with Master Cariati regarding membership in the ICTF, Mr. LeBlanc and I benefited immensely from his advice, efforts, and camaraderie. All of this made the transfer a completely smooth transition and throughout the entire process any issues that arose were quickly overcome with the help, expertise and professionalism of Master Cariati, other Masters and Instructors. This helpful attitude and atmosphere is also apparent throughout the entire ICTF organization.

We arrived in Toronto on Friday, October 30th to attend grading and training sessions, which were both intensive and vastly informative, and to attend and participate in the “Halloween Howler” tournament on Saturday. Throughout the entire weekend, we were welcomed by all with the utmost courtesy and friendliness. Since our return to Halifax, we've received emails from other members welcoming us to the ICTF, and are very impressed with these gestures of kindness.

I'd also like to recognize Mrs. Lina Miledi and Mr. Rob Andreozzi for their efforts at "Advance". They go that extra step and make things much easier.

Sir, to you and the entire ICTF, thank you, we're inspired.

Yours in Taekwon-Do,
Bill Stoerig - Fall River Taekwon-Do
Rob LeBlanc - LeBlanc Taekwon-Do and Fitness Centre Nova Scotia

Winsdor Black Belt Testing and Seminar On June 12th and 13th, 2009

Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Academy hosted a private black belt testing and Seminar. Several students tested for and achieved first to third degree. Master Cariati of the Woodbridge TKD and Woodbridge Martial Arts took precious time from his busy schedule to attend and conduct the technical portion of the seminar. Students in attendance were in awe with the delivery and explanation of the theory and application of each technique.

Since the seminar I have heard an amazing response for an encore. We are so grateful to have Master Cariati as our leader in the organization. With over 35 years of training and vast amounts of technical training and travelling the world with the founder of Taekwon Do General Choi Hong Hi, we are humbled by Master Cariati’s knowledge and ability. With the unfortunate passing of our founder, we will not receive such expertise, except by his closest disciples. And in this we have found the best, Master Cariati. Tomorrow is promised to no one so we much take advantage of all life has to offer.

I speak for The Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Academy when I say we wish we had the luxury of having Master Cariati’s instruction on a regular basis. Those whom choose to take Master Cariati’s time and availability for granted are naïve and do not realize the great resource they have before them. The Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Academy has always been grateful for Master Cariati accepting our club as part of his family. We look forward to many more training sessions and sharing of knowledge. We offer a sincere thank you to you Master Cariati for sharing your time and wisdom with us. You truly are an amazing Leader.

Mr. Larry Hartley V Dan (on behalf of Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Academy)

Email to Master Cariati after competing in the World Cup in Edmonton

Sent: October 23, 2007 6:01 PM
To: Master Cariati
Subject: Thank you...for everything

Master Cariati,

I would of liked to thank you in person today but being my Dad passed away a year ago today I am afraid I am not in the best frame of mind.

I wanted to take a minute and from the bottom of my heart thank you for everything you have done for me these last 3 months. I have never felt such a warm welcome anywhere before. You have taken complete trust in me and my family and opened your arms to all of us without question. You have given me another chance at something I truly love to do. I have gone somewhere this pass weekend that only was a dream at one point in my life and I have you to thank for making this all happen. I was so hurt when I couldn't do this last year for my Dad to see , to be proud of his "little girl". I can only hope he was really watching from up above and I am sure that if he was , he would be very proud of his "girl" right now. I feel good about my individual patterns and sparring and I know my Dad would be proud too. I only wish I could of performed a little harder in my team sparring but at the time I thought I did give it everything I had but today I felt....I know I could of gave more. This has now only got me determined to train harder but this time it will be for me.

Your students are all wonderful! You should be proud of each and every one of them. They all too have welcomed me without judgment and that is a great quality in someone and hard to find in some. I look forward to the many years of training to come.

Thank you for your calmness I feel through you.......it was there when I needed it most. My goal was to get through this weekend without to many tears and with your help and all of your students laughter I succeeded!

Thank you again!


Ms. Taylor